The railways plan to enter the virtual space.

Soon you will see all railway station will have LCD display system like we at Airports

If project timelines are met, the rail display network (RDN) — a networked system of approximately 200,000 screens across 2,175 A1, A, B, C and D stations — will become operational by next March.

These screens will be “cloud controlled” to allow the telecast of the same content at the same time across the country. Options for display of different content on separate screens or telecast of content in different languages will also exist. Advertisements will take up 50% of the display, while the rest will be devoted to rail-related information such as arrival and departure of trains. The RDN screens will have audio and video capabilities to enable telecast of policy pronouncements of the Prime Minister or the railway minister.

Rail-related documentaries will also be telecast, along with content on lifestyle, health, and entertainment. “Static hoardings and posters will be removed from stations to improve aesthetics after the RDN is put in place,” an official said.

The concept — envisaging a project cost of Rs 2,000 crore — makes sound business sense.

Four firms, including a joint venture of Zee Media Corporation and Media on Track, have made offers to partner with the railways on this plan. “These firms have been asked to submit the proof of concept by November-end. Financial bids to set up the RDN will be floated by December,” the source said.

Source – Hindustan Times

2 lakh LCD at Railway Station

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