If you’re the one always looking forward to traveling in train, you would definitely be

able to trace these symptoms.

1. You’d always try to take a train journey over air journey – Yes time is money, but time spent in the train is never wasted for you. Unless it’s an emergency, you’d always opt for the train journey. Because the journey is always enjoyed more than the destination.

2. The longer the journey, the more excited you are – Less than 10-hour journey is too short to enjoy, isn’t it? “Ohh I just started, how can I reach soo early? I mean, I need some time to stare out of my window, eat some food and have some talk with my Co-Yatris.”

3. You’re always excited about who your Co-Yatri would be -“ I just wish there is some cute chic/handsome hunk in my compartment” or if a cute chic or a handsome hunk doesn’t interest you, someone with the same professional interest would, oh at least the generous aunty with loads of food definitely would 😉

4. Your eating cycle changes from 3 meals a day to 1 meal every half an hour – “Bolo Vada pav cutlet vada pav cutlet….” “Bolo chai chai chai chai…” Whether it is tasty or not, you’d buy from almost every 2nd vendor coming with the basket on his head.

5. You know from which station to buy which food – You have a plan ready what all stations you’re going to step down the train and get that famous delicacy. You’d even risk stepping down even if the train is going to stop there just for 5 minutes.

6. You always manage to have some good conversation with the fellow travelers – If you’ve a got an already interactive companion, it’s a win-win for you. But if not so, you’d manage to get at least someone to talk to. Ohh, so did you connect with most of them? Congratulations you’re diagnosed with the Train journey fever which is incurable and it’s going to bring you hell Lotta fun ahead.

Happy future journeys “O-Mitra” 🙂

6 Symptoms of a train journey lover

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