In a bid to make rail journey more convenient, Indian Railways has made several changes to the AC 3-tier coach.

As per a report in the Indian Express, the first coach is awaiting the Railway Ministry’s nod ahead of its run on the tracks on  Humsafar Express.

The newspaper has also reported about the major and minor design changes that have been made by Indian Railways.

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Here are 10 key features of Indian Railways’ new AC 3-tier coach

 1. The old signature blue upholstery has been replaced by a beige-cream-grey colour scheme

2. A thin, cushioned plank alongside the side-lower seats has been placed which makes the backrests’ alignment between the seats better and makes for a comfortable flat berth

3. For every cabin of eight berths, there are two plug points and six USB ports

4. Each berth has been provided a reading light

5. For easy acess to the top berth, ladders with comfortable footrests and additional handles have been included

6. The toilet floor is made of a material which does not soil easily and the steel mug chained to a pipe has been replaced by a faucet

7. The toilet walls are graffiti resistant. The steel water-bottle holder has been replaced by a plastic clip

8. The coaches will have separate urinals for men and women. Foldable nappy-changing tables for babies will also be available in the women toilets.

9. The coaches will have features like toilet occupancy indicators, CCTV cameras, special fire and smoke detection and control system

10. The coaches will also be equipped with a small pantry unit having coffee/tea/soup vending machine, a heating chamber and a refrigerating box


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AC-3 tier coaches to become further luxurious -Here are 10 key features

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