Railway Complaints System
Railway Complaints System

Indian Railway has multiple ways to lodge complaints related to amenities, security, food services or any other complaints/suggestions. As Indian rail are used by wide verities of users from a  poor man in general class to business man in AC class, everyone may face one or another problem during the travel. Consider this aspect in mind railway have time to time created a different channel of complaints system for make rail journey stress-free. Trains can be local, passenger, Rajadhani, shatabadi, mail, express, superfast, any type of train and same complaints system applied for all. Complaints can be lodged for a station amenities or problem during running train.

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Various channel to lodge complaints to Indian railways Authority

  • Call/SMS – so a common man travelling in general class can lodge complaints
  • Twitter – A Smartphone carrying travellers can lodge complain and escalate to highest level
  • App/Website – So complaints can be lodged and tracked easily by travellers
  • WhatsApp nos – so quickly share image/video of crime scene also ( only used by security team

We have listed on all complaints system with

  • System Name
  • Mechanism to complaints
  • Pros and Cons
  • Effectiveness – any real time response example/effectiveness

182 (Security) (Call)

Call routed to passenger closest division’s RPF/Security control room. Response Guaranteed. Widely market by railways and very effective response system by RPF/GRP

Mechanism Call and provide you details and problem


  • Security purpose, one of fastest way to reach to security
  • Response guaranteed
  • Every genuine complaint is tracked and monitored by Sr DSC of a division.


  • Need to provide all the details over call
  • In moving train providing multiple details become nightmare, background noise, intermittent noise, for passenger and security team to understand and resolve them in a timely manner

Effectiveness  – Very effective. I have spent few days in RPF Control room while testing of RISSTA Security app , I can say that every genuine complaint at 182 is seriously resolved, till customer problem is not resolved.

138 (General Complains, toll-free) (call)

Call routed to passenger closest division’s RPF/Security control room. Response Guaranteed. Widely market by railways and very effective response system by RPF/GRP

Mechanism Simply calls then PNR no and share complaint details.


  • Good for non-smartphone passenger
  • Short no, easy to remember and quick to dial


  • In running train, sometimes it’s tough to have longer call to explain your problem, with PNR no, seat details, mobile no, problems etc.

Effectiveness – Average, No idea, Please share if you have any feedback on effectiveness of this system

1800-111-139 (IRCTC)(SMS)

 The toll-free number to complaint about any service issue provided by IRCTC,  includes food quality, food pricing, bed rolls etc.

Mechanism Call toll free number and provide you details


  • IRCTC food related complaints
  • A very quick response on ground


  • No formal complaint nos created
  • Complaints forwarded, but resolution is not tracked

Effectiveness – Very effective.

#RailMinIndia (all type of complaints)(Twitter)

RailMinIndia twitter handle is one best of use of twitter by Indian Railways, where complaints and lodge in the public domain and its resolution/response is also available in public domain.

Mechanism Tag #RailMinIndia and provide PNR no, complaints details, mobile no for quicker response.


  • Complaint lodging and resolution in a transparent manner
  • Actively monitored by 20 members team at Delhi to delegate and every division, zone various department have active twitter handle and most place actively a person is monitoring the twitter
  • Multiple instances observed, complaints resolved very fast, and see lot of public news of same
  • Complaints of AC, amenities, security have been resolved in 30 minutes of complaints
  • If your critical complaints resolved, you may get featured in various news papersJ


  • Need to have twitter account
  • Requires smartphone/ data connectivity
  • No complaints nos, all manual tracking
  • Few instance, complaints are never resolved/ or delegated to division/zonal but then not resolved
  • Every Division/Zone have twitter handle, which is not in uniform pattern, and one division/zonal may not handle another division/zone, it depends
  • Not a solution of the scalable complaint management system. Created a very ad-hoc system for 8000 crore travellers.

Effectiveness- Some case very effective, response in few minutes and solution in train

9717630982 (all type of complaints)(SMS)

Recently this number introduced by railways and response of this is pretty good. a very useful for non-smartphone users.

Mechanism SMS complaints details to 9717630982 


  • All of India complaints, single number
  • A very useful for no smartphone users, in running train
  • Complaint no assigned on lodging the complaints
  • Response of problem quick on complaining about SMS


  • Nothing

Effectiveness – Very good

Once a complaint was handle at multiple stations, till issue completely resolve, window repair in running train, repaired at multiple stations.

70939 92691 (Security)(WhatsApp)

When an RISSTA application launched, Secunderabad’s division RPF control room also introduced WhatsApp number for any security complaints so image/video of crime scene can be also shared and easily details can be communicated

Mechanism – Add  70939 92691 number to your contact list and start sending messages over WhatsApp.


  • Free Format complaints, images/ video can be shared
  • Proof of complaints shared


  • Limited to only security complaints
  • Not widely known to users

Effectiveness – Very effective for genuine complaints. Any security complaints are taken at highest importance and if image video also shared then security team handle them with more priority.

58888 (CleanMyCoach)(SMS)

Mechanism SMS to 58888 by typingCLEAN < Space >< 10-digit PNR number>


  • Easy to remember no and complaint to right authority


  • Only for trains and for stations
  • Limited to long distance train
  • not applicable for local trains

Effectiveness – Response handled in limited train


139(Info Helpline)(Call)

  • More for train information system  via SMS
  • Chargeable 3 rs per SMS
  • Useful for non-smartphone users to retrieve information

COMS (Complaint Management System)(app and website)

A complete complaint system, introduced a couple of years back only, still not widely used. Not able to reached a popular as other as not so easy to lodge complaints.

Mechanism Website  Android App


  • Consider all type of complaints amenities/security
  • Application and Website for lodging complaints
  • PAN India railway complaints
  • Complaint nos assigned, so complaints are so where tracked
  • Suggestion can be also shared here


  • UI and UX of system are very poor
  • No idea if the complaint will be resolved or not. like just complaint and forget
  • Required data connectivity

Once we filed a complaint and no response received so far, some users have got response and solution also

8121281212 (only south central railway(SCR) zone)(SMS)

SMS complaints system managed and tracked by South Central Railways.

Mechanism Your complaints details SMS to  8121281212.

Check Complaint Status Here


  • Immediately complaint number is assigned and responded in SMS
  • Security complaints or critical complaints are resolved in a timely manner
  • Expect some response of your complaints.


  • Limited to South central railway zone only
  • Lot of time complaints resolved with citing reason “incomplete information” even though every information of complaint shared with them
  • Less critical complaints are resolved by false reason, incomplete or out of SCR area reason
  • Need to type all details to complaints. little cumbersome
  • Long distance traveller can’t depend as they never know what’s SCR boundary

1512 (security)(call)

1512 number to complaint about any issue related to your luggage loss, criminal activity. on complaining here, state police comes in action and it may lead to filing a FIR complaints also, for valid complaints

Mechanism Call this number and call routed to closet GRP control room


  • All criminal offence can be reported here
  • legal action can be initiated
  • FIR may be lodged


  • Lot of common man traveller doesn’t understand difference between RPF and GRP and mostly they contact RPF and later RPF takes them to GRP for genuine cases
  • Getting in legal/ FIR issue for travel means your in serious trouble.

In case if you any good or bad experience of any of this complaint system please write us back at so we can share your experience with other also and let make Indian Railways journey the best stress-free journey experience.

Good news for you, that to get any of these complaints services, your don’t need to remember anything. Yes, Nothing.

Just download OMitra App and every complaint system is available on single TAP and over come limitation of various system and easily pass PNR and other information .

  • Twitter complaints
    • you don’t need to enter PNR, Name, mobile no automatically pickup
    • no need of a twitter account
    • For faster response, automatically tags, appropriate DRM based on your current train location, include #RailMinIndia
  • SMS Complains ( Clean coach, amenities)
    • No need to enter PNR no, complaint, just type your specific complaint text and everything automatically picked up
  • RPF WhatsApp number
    • Automatically added to your contact list, so start complaining
  • 182, 138, 139,  IRCTC, Calling
    • No need to remember, all numbers are available just tap and call started
  • Escalation of problem
    • If problem not resolved, we have added various zone Cheif official of Security, Commercial, Catering, nos so you can tap and SMS your complaint to them without search nos of them

Request : If you are aware of any reliable, working railway complaint system, please suggest us and will add it here.

Let’s we all make together Railway better.

OMitra App


Complaints channel of Indian Railways

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  1. I registered my complaint of deactivation of my IRCTC account to COMS and care but of no help as till date satisfactory resolution has not been done. Guide me how to and whom to escalate?


  2. Hi,

    During travelling from Delhi To Ghazipur on Audihaar station, few people started pelting stone on running train and one stone struck on my uncle’s eye and pierced and damaged his eye. On audihaar station he started looking for help but no one came to fore to help from railway department. With the help of some fellow passengers he managed to reach to Ghazipur station but on Ghazipur station as well nobody came to help him. Somehow he managed to reach to a private doctor and from there he was referred to BHU and from BHU he was finally sent to AIIMS. Someone’s enjoyment took someone’s life(an eyes). Please help in this regard as he is a farmer and does not have enough funds to get the treatment.

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