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Travel from Chennai to Bengaluru in 30 minutes!

No, this is not a figment of imagination, or worse a videogame, but a proposed mode of transport.


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A US-based company which has embarked on an ambitious project to revolutionize the way people moved from one city to another has set its eyes on Chennai. The brainchild of Elon Musk, HyperLoop One proposes to propel people in travel pods at 1,200 kmph through a tube propped up on concrete pillars. The pod or train is able to achieve the speed because it floats in a vacuum inside the tunnel.

If the plan takes off, people will be able to zoom to Bengaluru in 30 minutes+ . Mumbai will be a little more than an hour away.

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Recently, the company tweeted the routes it is interested in. These include Chennai-Bengaluru, Chennai-Mumbai, Pune-Mumbai+ , Bengaluru-Thiruvananthapuram and Mumbai-Delhi.

Hyperloop has approached Union Ministry of Road Transport+ with a letter of intent. Sources said the routes being considered were meant to run bullet trains, and Japanese and Chinese teams have started studying the Chennai-Bengaluru route to find out if they can lay tracks to run high-speed trains.

On its website, Hyperloop says it can move people for the price of bus tickets and that they are going to charge for the time taken and not the transport. The team which is behind the project says it is planning to install prefabricated tubes atop pillars, a move aimed to cut down cost and time of construction. Solar panels on top of the tubes and windmills on the pillars to tap energy will further reduce operational cost. The pod uses magnetic system to move. It needs energy only when it begins the journey and can glide for more than 200 miles once it touches top speed.

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The first line in the world is expected to come up between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the next five years. It will cut down travel time from 90 minutes to 12 minutes.

However, engineers at Indian Railways are skeptical. “Any plan which aims at high speed connectivity is good. But they may take more than a decade to take off because of different reasons,” a senior railway official said. “There will be procedural delays and time taken for approvals from the government.”

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It will take Rs 300 crore to build 1 km high-speed line, but HyperLoop, citing its San Francisco to Los Angeles plan, says it will take Rs 72 crore per kilometre. But a railway official said cost will be an impediment. “It is difficult to fix ticket prices professionally because the government wants to keep them low. Going by the current rate of cost of construction, it will cost Rs 6,000 to Bengaluru. The moment the fares are suggested, the government loses interest,” he said.

source : TOI

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Chennai to Bangalore in 30 minutes; Elon Musk proposed mode of train transport

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4 thoughts on “Chennai to Bangalore in 30 minutes; Elon Musk proposed mode of train transport

  1. This Hyperloop is more of a dream machine for India. Not feasible and not practical atleast for one more generation to come. And that is atleast 20-25 years from today.

    I have seen Bullet Traiin movie in the year 1975. That was 41 years back. And we were dreaming of such a train in 10 years time. But even after 40 years, the project is still in the planning state yet to take off with the initial ground breaking ceremony.

    So stop dreaming the future and start living in the present.

  2. Initially the cost of travel per passenger may sound high. Later after touching the break even point, the cost can be reduced.
    Effect of the speed travel on the human body system is to be thoroughly studied.
    Accessibility of the boarding and alighting stations should take less time unlike airport.

  3. It is unbelievable. First let us examine the crowd’s response when it comes to payment of fares for the metro trains in the city. That would definitely be a pointer to the effectiveness of this futuristic attempt.Definitely India needs it. But where is the wherewithal with the common man to pay the price for it. But let us hope for the best.It looks like a dream, but when it is commissioned people may even think of availing EMIs to travel in the new mode of transport. May god almighty help our people to get the facility soon as contemplated by the Government.
    C.Rajan Padmakumar

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