Do you feel your coach is unclean and needs a proper cleaning?

Now, you have the right to demand railways workers, cleaning department, to clear your coach. You can even take this to higher level in case if they are not responding.

Indian Railways has started “Clean My Coach” service to provide cleaning services in running train.

house keeping department cleaning coach
housekeeping department cleaning coach


Currently housekeeping department cleans coaches twice in a day. But now, with Clean My Coach service, passenger can demand cleaning of coach at any time.

How to do ?

Cleaning Complaint (SMS)

You can demand  cleaning by sending an SMS to 58888 by typing  CLEAN<Space>10 Digit PNR number> SERVICE TYPE CODE, where codes for service type are C for cleaning,

W for watering,

P for pest control and

B for Bedroll

Online Complaint

You can also demand for cleaning your coach by lodging a complaint on Visit, enter PNR number, phone number and submit the complaint.

As soon as your complaint is lodged you will receive a unique code for your complaint through sms. The housekeeping department will call you to confirm complaint and type of request.

Cleanmycoach website images

Passenger can disclose the unique code with housekeeping department once the service is done and if you are satisfied. You may also give feedback using unique code given.

Currently this service is available for 1297 trains. You can check the availability for your train at  A alert message will be sent to controlling officer if the coach is not cleaned after 30 minutes of requesting.

Clean my coach service is to ensure the cleanliness of coaches in train through out the journey. Stickers have been placed in side the trains to create awareness among passengers.

Clean My Coach; Railways

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3 thoughts on “Clean My Coach; Railways

  1. O MITRA के ऐप में RLY. COMPLAIN नाम से एक OPTION रखिये जिससे यात्री को किस तरह की सुविधा की आवश्यकता है ,उस न०.का प्रयोग करके SMS / CALL / TWITTER / E-MAIL का उपयोग कर सकें ।

  2. actually i have travelled yesterday in train 12246 with pnr no 4327011351 in s4 12.i have complained about the coach cleaning , the people came from clean my coach and did their job and after that i have shared my code.The problem is u am getting messages for every 10 minutes till now from them.the message is “this pnr is already requested for a service .please share your previous feedback code with onboard staff after attending the case”.i am having problem with continuous messages .please stop sending messages or else tell me the way to stop them.

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