Few abbreviations of Train journey in Indian Railways

Are you a train traveler?

Of all these times in your train journey, you might have been to many places in various trains, starting from least fare to as luxurious as Maharaja Express.  Have you ever noticed these Acronyms? PNR? RAC? M/E, GN? W/L? LD? HP? WDM? WAP?

May be but not all.  Here are few for you. List of commonly used train journey abbreviations – Indian Railways


PNR stands for Passenger Name Record.  PNR is a record of a passenger or group of passengers who are traveling in a particular train. When a passenger books a ticket PNR will be generated with his personal and journey details. This information is saved in the Passenger reservation system. It a 10 digit number which is a combination of 3 and 7 digits i.e. 270-5731027. The first digit of PNR number resembles the zone of the train, starting point of the train.  Next two digits are based on PRS.

Common Abbreviations of Railways - PNR- Passenger Name Record
PNR- Passenger Name Record

PNR starting with 2 and 3 indicates NR, NCR,NWR, NER

PNR starting with 4 and 5 indicates SR,SWR, SCR

PNR starting with 6 and 7 indicates NFR,ER,ECR,ECoR,SER,SECR

PNR starting with 8 and 7 indicates CR,WCR,WR

Other 7 digits of PNR are generated randomly.  A PNR gets flushed after 9 months but same PNR can be generated after one year.


Common Railway Abbreviations-RAC- Reservation Against Cancellation
RAC- Reservation Against Cancellation

RAC is abbreviated as Reservation Against Cancellation. RAC is a type of train ticket which confirms your traveling in a train but does not guarantee a berth.  When all available train tickets have been sold Indian railway then starts selling RAC tickets in few classes only i.e. 2A,3A,FC and SC. Whenever  passengers who have confirmed ticket cancels or misses the train that particular ticket will be allotted to people in RAC, Waiting list. Order of preference for tickets is available tickets, RAC and Waiting.

GN / UR/ 2S

common Railway Abbreviations - GN, UR
GN – General Coach

GN stands for General Coach also abbreviated as Unreserved or Second Seater. It is a common coach in the train where there are no special reservations are allowed while booking. This is often crowded coach where people who go on a daily basis and those who planned last minute journey. Seating arrangement is same as Chair Car but no air conditioning is provided.


common Railway Abbreviations -SLR
SLR- Seating cum luggage rake

SLR means Seating cum Luggage Rake, in a type of coach which is divided into two parts one is for sitting and another one is for luggage. This coach is found normally next to guard coach, ladies, guard; handicapped persons are accompanied by the coach.


common Railway Abbreviations -M/E
M/E- Mail or Express

M/E on train tickets stands for Mail or Express trains. As their name indicates these trains carry mail and letters. Express which is well known for carrying people. Mail and Express trains are regular service trains in India. These have fewer stops when compared with local and passenger trains.


WDM, WAP are all train engine types in Indian railways. WDM stands for Broad Gauge Diesel Mixed train engine. First letter in WDM, W signifies the type of gauge length (width of a track), W – Broad, Y – Meter N,Z- narrow. Second Letter D is for the type of engine AC, Diesel. Third Letter M, Indicates type of transport it is used for P – Passengers, G – Goods, M – Mixed. Thus,

common Railway Abbreviations -Train Engine types
Train Engine Types
common Railway Abbreviations -WDM
WDM -Broad Gauge Diesel Mixed
common Railway Abbreviations -WDM
WDM-Broad Gauge Diesel Mixed

WDM stands for Broad Gauge Diesel Mixed train Engine.

common Railway Abbreviations -WDM
WDM – Broad Gauge Diesel Mixed

WAP stands for Broad gauge AC powered Passenger carrying train engine

YAP – Meter gauge AC powered Passenger carrying train Engine

WDM-4Broad Gauge Diesel Mixed Train Engine4th Class

common Railway Abbreviations -WDM4A
WDM Train Engine Type

WAP 5Broad gauge AC powered Passenger carrying train 5th model of Electromotive.

common Railway Abbreviations -WAP5
WAP5- Broad Gauge AC powered Passenger train -5th Model

Although, these abbreviations do not impact our journey much but these will be interesting and cool answers for those who travel regularly and wonder why and what are these.



List of commonly used train journey abbreviations – Indian Railways

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