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You need to send a parcel? But Don’t want to go parcel companies?

See how many travelers are interested in carrying yours items, across India.

Time is highly valuable. This is what we feel when we send parcel.

Your urgency is our money. This is how parcel companies feel. Higher the amount you pay, early they deliver your parcel.

If intention of technology is meant to simplify our lives. Is n’t technology opening lot of possibilities?

The answer is YES.

Now, don’t wait for some of your relative/friends to travel and to carry your parcel.

Instead use India’s Biggest Rail Traveler Network, 23 million travelling daily, to send quick parcel. No more waiting and no more missing deliveries.

Here, We are showing few OMitra users who are willing to help other by carrying parcel at very low cost.

  • receiver_peerp_rail_parcel
  • You get quickly, reliably, safely and home made items with them
  • They get small token of appreciation from you and monetary benefits.
  • You both get benefited. Its a Win – Win situation.


Aaj kal jama Sharing ka hain.  Sharing and Saving

Uber, Ola, Olx car, taxi ads pooling services
Carpooling, share ride services at Uber/ Ola, Quikr/OLX –  Here one person is helping another person and both reduce their cost. Its a win-win situation.

We started doing the same for you, Travelers.

What are you waiting for

Start sending / Receiving

Create Sender or Receiver request and keep sending and receiving items cost effectively. Get your work done at low cost and get paid for helping others.

Get OMitra App

Peer Parcel – By Rail Traveler for Rail Travelers

Send your parcel Instantly at low cost through safe and reliable way

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