Earn Rs 150 on Train travel by helping OMitra user.  We are not suggesting “earn by sitting at home or doing some junk activity or download an app and earn”. If you are looking for such. We are sorry you are at wrong place.
How do you  earn
At OMitra, you earn on travel by helping someone in need. You carry someone’s parcel. You can Earn on travel, he save money, it’s, Win Win Situation
Quick Parcel Request

Here comes winter season and there comes out need of winter clothes. One of OMitra user (from Gorakhpur) would like to send some Woolen clothes to his relative in Gwalior. He is willing to pay Rs:150

Details : Woolen Clothes Bag

Weight :  Around 5 KG

Willing to Pay Rs: 150 

What’s Rail Peer Parce – Read our old blog – Quick Rail Parcel – by Traveler for Traveler

Please check Sender or Receiver request in OMitra for such request and directly contact users.

Quick Parcel Request

Quick Parcel – If you want to Send item across India in safe, cheaper and reliable way, please create a request in Quick Parcel in OMitra App.

Earn on Travel – If you would like to earn some money while traveling and help others, please create a request in OMitra Quick parcel.

We always know there are few items like pickle, cloths, sweets, home made and various items which we want to send with known travelers only and never with the the courier company, as it is costly and sometimes they doesn’t allow such things.

“OMitra is not charging anything from anyone, we are just connecting travelers to help each other”

Note :  Please make sure you exchange basic details like Aadhar card and various other for security reason, while helping other travelers.

Do you have something to send ? Place a request we will find someone from 2 lakh OMitra users.

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Earn Rs 150 on Train Travel – Peer Parcel

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4 thoughts on “Earn Rs 150 on Train Travel – Peer Parcel

  1. Let assume that I’m going to Visakhapatnam from Vijayawada on Saturday ,then how can I get request for delivering the parcel from Vijayawada to Visakhapatnam

    1. We are connecting the folks need to send item urgently and the person traveling on the same route and willing to carry.

      Quikr, OLX, OLA Share, Uber Share, Blaha-Blah Car-pooling services are working pretty well in India.

      We have few guidelines to follow, so nothing wrong happens. Before handover item, we suggest also take of picture of items and person, each other for security purpose.

      OMitra Team

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