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Earn money with parcel.

People are making money with quick parcel. Do you want to make money, too?

Here is how people are trying to do.

Receiver Request

Place request to carry someone’s parcel. When someone accepts your request and sends his/her parcel through you. You can earn some amount.

Here is the list of people which we got in the last seven days

Recievers Request
S.No Name From To Weight in KG Amount Rs
1 Surya Kumar pujai SBC MAS 1 50
2 Singh Vijay Kumar LJN CSTM 0.5 50
3 Purnendu Biswas BDC NBQ 5 200
4 Sahin Ali GKP SC 5 200
5 Amrit Rao Thakre HBJ CWA 0.5 50
6 Bipin Pathak ST JAM 5 200
7 Abhishek Padhan PUNE BD 5 200
8 Chintankumar Parmar BCT ADI 5 200
9 Akshay Jain JP MAS 5 100
10 Dhanumjay Kothamasu MAS CLX 5 100
11 VKM Mingal PUNE NZM 0.5 100
12 Ramachandra Gasovi JU PLG 0.5 100
13 Ramachandra Gasovi BVI JP 0.5 100
14 Susuvon Bhadra KGP CSTM 0.5 50
15 Okesh Chauhan HW DLI 0.5 150

Sender Requests

“Saving is production.”

If you want to save money.

Here is how people are trying to save money by using OMitra’s quick parcel.

Senders Requests
S.No Name From To Item Amunt in Rs
1 Kishan Kumar DNR SC Tilkut from dhanpur friend will reach you 50
2 Sahin Ali GWL GKP Its bag and woolen clothes in it 150
3 Mukesh Patel NWD PUNE I want to send my coat 150
4 Kishan Naik CSTM NED Box containing medicine to be dispatched  to 150

Place sender request. When somebody is ready to carry your parcel. You can send it safe and reliable way at low cost and save some money. You can fix your rate or can negotiate with carrier.

Here is the list of sender request we got in last seven days.If you want either to earn money or save money, Place your sender and receiver request. And save some amount while traveling.




Place your request now.

You can earn,too! when they are all earning.

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2 thoughts on “You can earn,too! when they are all earning.

    1. Before taking an item by Person, he should cross verify the items and make sure its legal items. and verify the person identity with some means.

      Quikr, OLX, OLA Share, Uber Share, Blaha-Blah Car-pooling services are working pretty well in Peer-to-Peer model in India.

      We have few guidelines to follow, so nothing wrong happens. Before handover item, we suggest also take of picture of items and person, each other for security purpose.

      Please write any more question at

      OMitra Team

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