Indian Railways Latest update rule for current booking availability

Good News for Train Travelers. Get a confirmed a ticket or even after the chart is prepared.

Indian Railways has updated new rule for current booking availability for last-minute passengers. With this trick, passengers can now get a ticket in running train.

What’s Current Booking?

  • Allowing passengers to book tickets after reservation chart is prepared.
  • Booking closes before 30 minutes of train departure
  • Can be booked online at IRCTC or at Railway station counter
  • Ticket costs the same as General Quota tickets.
  • No extra charges.

Problems in the present model

  1. Remote quota station tickets of that train route are in the hands of TTE
  2. Passenger have to pay the extra amount to TTE for confirmation
  3. No option of current booking once the train starts the journey

New Updated rule for Current booking -Indian Railways

“If there are some seats still available between Remote Quota stations of that train route. Then passenger can book a ticket for that station at IRCTC website even though the train had already started”

Example –

  1. Bhopal Samparkaranti Started on 27th Nov from YESVANTPUR/ Bangalore.
  2. Someone from Bhopal like travel from Bhopal to new Delhi on 3AC on 28th
  3. He checks the availability between Bhopal and New Delhi on 28th after noon
  4. As in below image you can see, there are 38 seats available from Bhopal to New Delhi in Samparkaranti Train
  5. Person can directly book at IRCTC website and board the train.
Images showing the availability of current booking
Current Booking

What are the Benefits?

Get Confirmed train ticket in the last moment

  • Without paying tatkal charges
  • Without paying any bribe to TTE

Who is most beneficiary of this?

  • Last minute train travelers
  • Passengers who did not get Tatkal confirmed
  • Passengers who are on Waiting list
  • Mostly seats available for 4-15 hr train journey folks

What’s the impact?

  • Reduces TTE corruption, as TTE can’t book a ticket to the future station, as someone may book a ticket online.
  • Remote quota /stations Chart is given to TTE at that location, so TTE’s are also do not know who will board in the next station.
  • Helps passengers to get confirm ticket in train without paying the extra amount
  • TTE corruption is reduced
  • Railways revenue increased, as in most of such cases, either TTE allots such seats to the passenger by receiving some cash or seats are never occupied as no one is aware of that.

Currently, availability tickets can only be booked on Remote Quota stations, not for all station of the train route.

TTE still have control in booking tickets for Intermediate stations.

Thanks to Suresh Prabhu, Railway Minister, IRCTC and railway official for allowing passengers to do such booking. Expecting more such initiatives, soon.

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Get a confirm ticket in a running train; even after chart is prepared.

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5 thoughts on “Get a confirm ticket in a running train; even after chart is prepared.

  1. Dear blogger. Pls post a matter is specified topic.. n do not involved this with a tte. Ofcourse this is good innovation of railways. But not all the ttes doing **** things… Note;- this current availability is not available at all the time. One the u ppl.. begging.. u ppls are encourageing to give bribe.. at last-minute travel.

  2. It was bit necessary. Happy for the new rules. .
    I have alrdy booked 5 current availabl seats onlin . Its good as the vacant seats will not b wasted anymore

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