Increasing number of advance booking days to 120 days

Who the hell will plan journey 120 days in advance?

Who have given such suggestion  or IR, Ticket Agents?
Booking Agent, get more way to earn money now. Railway gets more revenue as folks cancel a lot. College Students, How will you plan when your exam dates are not decides. Passengers get more trouble as need to book multiple tickets. Premium and Tatkal train, lot of folks will book in them and cost of train journey increased for them and revenue for railways. No New Train Announced

Very Good Approach lets clear the backlogs.

SMS alert services for train arrival, departure times

Big relief for all. now folks can plan better. Concerns What happen when you ticket booked by one person in the family and travelling someone else I hope its like 139 queries where one SMS cost 3RS, just because it’s PPP Model.

WIFI in all category A & B stations

Will boost mobile usages at railway and lots of new Innovative Apps, like Station Amenities, Peer to Peer discovering at station, Finding Friends while waiting at railways station.

Passengers will be able to book food options from IRCTC website

Can they improve food Quality also?
Can Catering of train have review/ rating system which are published to public so folks can plan accordingly.

Plan to increase annual passenger capacity to 30 m from 21 m

Good one.  Now you got more chances of getting confirm tickets. better Utilisation of track.
Any way to handle corruption of seats allocated by last minute by TT. TT charges random amount for unallocated seat, instead of giving to WL folks?

“Leveraging technology: Hand-held terminals to Travelling Ticket Examiners (TTEs) for verification of passengers and downloading charts;”

Can they introduce where passenger with WL 1/2/3 ticket get first priority for seat, instead of who show more green papers.

( I have travelled in SL with 3 AC ticket, because I wasn’t ready to pay money to TT  and someone paid 2000/- rs)

Trains to save 20 percent journey time within next 2 years

Huge time saver for all travellers now. like completing 24-hour journey in less than 20 hrs. or 40 hrs journey in 32 hrs.

Also good where folks travel in overnight between, HYD-BLR, HYD-Chennai, as all major cities take 13-16 hrs and 20 % reduction will make it well in the range of 10-12 hrs and journey time comparable to BUS

Entertainment : Project for introducing on-board entertainment on select Shatabdi trains on licence fee basis launched. Great scope for railway to earn revenue with this model. Currently folks are carrying laptop, tablet to spend time. with this more Comfortable travel

Good that railway thinking on increasing amenities inside the train. Lots of folks started carry own “Chadder”, as railway kamble sinks a lot. My Wife would happy with that.

That should start providing some facility to SL traveller on rent basis, good source revenue for them.

138 for Any Railway Complain
182 security complaints

Good initiative to handle complain, but there should be a better way to complain and track them. either using SMS, MobileApps.

(Watch out for OMitra updates,  very soon we are coming with very innovative apps for Railway Security and Complain system, in final phase of testing our solution)


“Coaches in select trains connecting major tourist destinations to travel agencies may be offered on a revenue sharing model.”

Travel Agencies should grab this opportunity and show the government how better service they can provide via PPP model.

Please share what’s your feedback on Rail Budget.

To get more details of the budget. Go through from here.

Have you planned for 4 months later Travel?

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