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How can we improve Indian Railways

1. Cleanliness:
Cleanliness should be on the high priority list. Some of the measures that may help in cleaning the stations:


a.More number of dustbins on stations. People generally litter around because some of them are too lazy to walk a few meters and throw the waste in the dustbin. Dustbins must be placed at some regular distance, so that people may not have to walk too far for a dustbin. ( We know, excuses.)


b. Raising the penalty on spitting and littering. To implement this, the Railways may be compelled to increase the man power on the stations. Fining to the tunes Rs. 1000 may act as a deterrent.


2. Developing commercial properties on stations:
At a time when real estate is very expensive, railway should leverage its properties by allowing private parties to build luxury hotels, restaurants and other facilities. This would lead to additional funds to the railways and also better varieties and better hygiene foodstuffs would be available to the commuters.

3. Automated fare collection (AFC) system:
An automated fare collection (AFC) system is the collection of components that automate the ticketing system of a public transportation network. The manpower in the ticketing system can be reduced and can be redirected towards some other assignments.


4. Raising Fines for ticket less travel:
Raising the penalty for ticket less travel may also act as a deterrent. The Automated Fare Collection System will allow access only to legitimate ticket holders. This will reduce ticket less travel a lot.



5. PPP in Railways:

Many of the projects can be undertaken in Public- Private Partnership. This benefits both the railways as well as the private player.



6. FDI in Railways:
The Railways is facing funds crunch and the FDI can exactly provide the railways with funds. There will be more capital available for completing large capital projects like Bullet Train Project, Diamond Quadrilateral etc.
This will also lead to improved infrastructure and generation of more jobs.


All these things mentioned above will lead to an increase in funds for the Railways which can be used for modernization.


1. Introducing clean trains.
2. Phasing out very old locomotives.
3. Addition of coaches in long distance trains.
4. Improved connectivity in the remote areas.
5.More Bullet trains connecting major cities.
6. Increasing the average speed of trains.


How to make Indian railway stations better and modernize?

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