Are you a train traveler in India? Do you travel often, long distances? Okay. Are you good train traveler?

To be a good train traveler you must know these Indian Railways rules.

Rules every Train traveler must know

Rule 1: This rule is for middle berth which is used for sleeping in 2nd class sleeper .

One can use middle berth for sleeping by pulling it up after 9PM and same can be pulled down to sit by 6 AM. But people rarely follow this .However it depends on passengers who are traveling.

Rule 2: If you miss your train at your boarding station ,TTE should not allocate the seat to any passenger till the train crosses next two stops. He is allowed to allocate to any RAC or WL passengers once it crosses 2nd station from the station you are supposed to board.

TTE can allocate seat to any RAC or WL passengers but it’s been a usual case where TC wait till next two boarding stations for the passenger to show up or 1 hour after train has departed which ever is earlier.


Rule 3: IRCTC authorized vendor should not sell any food items more than MRP. If you found any one doing so immediately complain at 139 , immediate action will be taken on vendor.

Rule 4/info : If you find your coach /washrooms untidy, wash rooms having no water or any other issues related to coach maintenance, immediately login to CLEANMYCOACH.COM and provide your PNR, mobile no and train no. On boarding maintenance team will come to you in minutes. If no on boarding maintenance team is available currently, maintenance team will be ready in coming station to serve you.

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by Kranthi Boyapati


Indian train rules which everyone should know while travelling?

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