Happy to announce, OMitra is launching a new Rail Chat Room for rail travelers, so now start chatting with traveller at station, route, same train travellers and make every journey a story of life.



Train Chat Room – Chat about train facility, platform, catering, networking, seat change, taxi sharing, train delays, good place to have tea, snacks or bhel.

Station Chat Room –  Chat about station facility, eat out places, networking, nearby places to hang out, waiting room.
Route Chat Room – Chat about a train to look for seat availability, travel companions, peer parceling, travel companions for old ages.
Common Rail Chat Room – Chat anything with other OMitra user about Indian Railways, news, trains, facility, opinions, good practices.
Rail Chat Room are the virtual online chat room and no physical chat room are created for chatting, we already have a lot of compartment chat rooms in every train :).
Make your train journey a Story and don’t become the story.
If you are not able to see the chat room – please upgrade your OMitra app
Introducing RailChat Room

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