That feeling we get when we meet like-minded people like us, is truly awesome and nu-explainable at times.. Having same thoughts and great discussions with them makes you feel like you are on the top of the world.. As if something, somewhere inside you strengthen up and says.. Yes! Exactly I got your point.

Matching up of your thoughts with others invokes creative side of yours.. High.. Very High..

Whenever I travel, I tend to look for people with whom I can get into a good, fruitful discussion but you know it happens rare and is not always possible.

On suggestion of a friend, I Installed this all called “OMitra”.. While completing my Profile in the same, there was a field with Occupation. I wondered why does this even matter for a railway inquiry app?? But I never knew there were loads of surprises waiting for me to come from this app..! I was quickly done with the profile within a minute.

2 days later, I was supposed to reach Kerala to attend a Marketing oriented Workshop. That afternoon before the journey, I received notification on the app and got to know two more people with same marketing and sales profile were traveling by the same train. I got very excited knowing this..!!

And the date of my journey finally got to meet them.. (And of course even they had a chance to meet me ☺ ) . The fact that we all belonged to the same field soon led to start of a great discussion with a lot of inputs and exchange of ideas took place. We enjoyed each others company really well.. Moreover we soon had an agreement over starting our own Business. So amazing it was!!

From Strangers to Future business partners.. Since they were also going to attend the same workshop so with the help of our buddy app OMitra we booked and shared M-cabs.. Easy, convenient and quick it was..!!

On further exploring the app, we received notifications and other great helpful information about the upcoming stations on our journey. Believe me it was as if we were actually visiting those places personally.. So you guys can imagine how good that information was!!

All I want to say is.. Thank You OMitra.. You provided me great opportunity to meet some like-minded people as mine and turned the Strangers into future business partners..!!

What are you people waiting for?? Go get your buddy app now..
” A life transforming App with loads of opportunities and Bundle of Joy”

Meeting Like-Minded People

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