One cold December morning I was returning from my hometown to Gurgaon after a very exciting weekend at my parents’.

It was 7 am and I boarded my reserved coach without much of hustle and bustle and found most of co-passengers taking their blankets covered up to faces. Although for me the day started early but for those who were continuing journey overnight, indeed it was chilling cold breeze which made them hide and covered up under the blankets.

I found an old man sleeping on my seat. Initially, I thought of waking him up but then the second thought was, ‘what is the harm in sipping some tea and enjoy the view outside sitting on my window seat?’ So I went with the later one. And to my surprise, by the time my tea was over, the old man woke up and immediately asked his wife to help him vacate the seat.

I started a dialogue by asking if he would like to sleep for some more time. The couple passed gentle smile. After a while, over a cup of tea, they informed they boarded from Ajmer and were heading to Delhi. Some more general talks and I got to know they were visiting their son-in-law and daughter. I also got to know that their son-in-law belongs to my town and has been a good student of my father who has served as lecturer in the town for 40 years.

We talked more and shared snacks. They invited me to Ajmer and Pushkar in next visit and I appreciated their courtesy. We exchanged phone numbers. I asked them about transportation in Delhi. Since they had no specific plans, I suggested them to go with one of very famous and loyal taxi service; also did I arrange it for them. We all were happy and soon their nephews and grandson sleeping on the upper berth came down. We played games like Antakshari, cards, UNO etc. We all really enjoyed this togetherness.

Lastly, I dropped at Gurgaon station giving my regards to them and affirming my promise to visit them in Ajmer while going to Pushkar.

It was really nostalgic to find and remember new friends. I feel the joy would have been multiplied; If OMitra was there before 15 years when I started my solo journey through trains during my college days, to keep a constant touch with many similar co-passengers.

By – Ribhu Gaur – Manager at Siemens

Nostalgic Train Friendship

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