RailChat, a Hyderabad-based start-up, which enables passengers to build new and meaningful bonds with other passengers seated in the same train. The app was launched  one year Ago.


RailChat is a new smartphone app that enables people in a train travelling the same direction to chat with each other even after the train arrives at its destination. The app was developed following recent successful models of instant messaging apps such as Whats app, Hike both from the point of view of the concept and the graphic. In this sense, RailChat further developed an already established concept, applying it to a very specific context, train trips.


How it works
RailChat is easy and quick to use – after logging in and filling in the required information, users are able to see other RailChat users online with whom they may instantly exchange messages. After the connection has been made, users are free to communicate as much as they desire even after they part ways.

Additionally, users may also have the possibility to create and join groups with other users any limitations ( this feature will add in next release). This function enables passengers to seek and offer assistance/support to others if they have any problems or have the solution during the trip. According to Mr. Srihari, Co-Founder of RailChat, “If my laptop runs out of battery during the trip, I might find it embarrassing to actually get up from my seat and go around looking for a charger. With RailChat the same exact problem can be solved very easily: it will be enough to write a message in the group chat and I’ll surely find at least one another passenger able and willing to help me without humiliating myself.”

“The Indian railway network is one of the best in the world” explains Mr. Srihari. However, despite the fact that the trains are not comfortable, reliable and punctual, passengers suffer from boredom when they are traveling alone on a train. What’s even more frustrating is that we have probably interests or even friends in common with the other passengers, but we find it so difficult to break the ice. RailChat solves all these problems, first by showing us if we have any friends or interests in common with the other passengers and then putting us in contact only with people who want to chat with us and that we’re interested in chatting with. This is extremely helpful in reducing the risk of ending up in an embarrassing situation”.

Currently, the app is being improved basing on the daily user feedback the startup is receiving. After all improvements have been implemented in RailChat app, To generate more feedback from the App users, the team is focusing on marketing and promotion activities with Train Passengers; however, it works and can used in all trains in India. Indeed, the team is thrilled about the positive results they received in the past days. These results enabled to better define their target market and they can actually claim that the app especially fits the needs of the very young (16-25).

RailChat is currently available in Google Play Store

RailChat is an ambitious project, which has received the support of T-Hub and Government of India (DIPP).


About RailChat
RailChat is a young startup based in Hyderabad, Telangana. RailChat is committed to bring your travel experience to the next level. The team is also determined to improve the life of commuters and travellers through the use of technology. Trains and local transport are a large part of everyday life for millions of people and they think that it is crucial that each trip should be as pleasurable as possible for every passenger.

RailChat turns train travelling into a social experience

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