Once I was waiting for my train to Bangalore with my friend.. It was Scheduled to arrive at 5 pm in the evening.. Eventually it got late and the railway authority also kept us uninformed about the same. We waited for a really long time.. All that the railway authority told us was that train is running late and will soon arrive.. The no. Of hours the train got late kept on increasing..

Being irritated by this, me and my friend suddenly at one go spoke “ wish there was some source which can keep us informed in case the train is running late so that we can also save our time instead of wasting it here waiting on the station” Timing of Indian Railways is one of the biggest problems.. Particularly during Winters..!

As we had a lot of time to spare so we thought why not Google about our wish, maybe we can find out something… and yes a miracle happened.. We got to know about an awesome app called “OMitra” It has got a unique and cool feature of Auto Live train update in which you put your PNR No. And you will keep receiving notifications regarding your train..How much delay it is or at what time will it arrive at a particular station..

Moreover the OMitra comes with a bundle of Joy services which I really loved and I am sure even you will.. Like it will help you know if any of your friend/colleague/ acquaintance is travelling with the same train.. You get a chance to turn your “all-alone” boring journey into an exciting one.. (And at times will also save you from people you don’t want to be with).

Travelling to same destination not only provides benefit in terms of Company but also you can book and share your Cabs.

Moreover OMitra helps you know some awesome startling facts about the upcoming stations and also about their specialities, so that you may not miss out the opportunity to experience them on your journey.

I had an awesome experience with OMitra and it has become my all time best buddy while travelling..

So what are you guys waiting for????? It hardly takes a minute to install the app and then experience a Journey full of Joy, Surprises and adventure.

Go get your OMitra- buddy fast before you miss out your train of an awesome journey!!!

Once I was waiting for my train

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