Rail Peer parcel showing good result,

Recently we have the following Request who are willing to carry parcel to help their co-travellers

  • 27 Oct – Vijayawada Junction to Vishakapatnam – Mr BHASKAR
  • 28th Oct – Vishakapatnam to Secunderabad Junction – Mr BHASKAR
  • 26th oct – Vishakapatnam to Vijayawada – Mr BHASKAR
  • 25th oct – Secunderabad Junction to Vishakapatnam – Mr Bhaskar
  • 31st Oct – Yesvantpur Junction to Gulbarga – Ramling Dhabale
  • Many more such parcel request are there on OMitra system where users are will to help in carrying parcel.

In case if you want to send an item, Please put your request in Quick Parcel in OMitra app.

For Security reasons, Contact details of email id and mobile will be share with folks who have raised parcel sending a request on these routes.

See step on how to Earn on travel or  send a Parcel quickly with RailTravellers

carry_rail_parcel_steps send_parcel_steps

Note –  OMitra doesn’t charge anything for this service currently.  OMitra is just helping to connect the rights folks and help train travelers. Once the appropriate parcel match is found OMitra introduces both parties over email/call/SMS and lets travelers takes the final decision based on person, items, charges etc. it may happen in some case travelers may carry item free of cost also.

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Quick Rail Parcel – by Traveler for Traveler

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