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Passengers may demand cleaning staff by entering PNR in the form given above. Passengers may also send their requests as SMS to 58888 by typing CLEAN< Space ><10-digit PNR number>< Space >SERVICE TYPE CODE, CleanMyCoach Application will forward the request to mobile phone of the onboard staff or the concerned control office of the particular train directly. The Railway Administration will also simultaneously receive an intimation of such requests for follow up.

(Service Type available: C for Cleaning, W for Watering, P for Pest Control, B for Bedroll)

Railchat OMitra App

Process: Open the App, enter your Valid PNR, Update your Profile with your mobile number, press complaint button at the bottom of the screen, select Clean my Coach button and send. RailChat app compile your complaint with PNR and your mobile number and send it to concern railway authorities who are responsible for this cleaning services. Immediately you will get confirmation Message with Feedback Code, cleaning people will come to your coach and will ask you for Code. Don’t give CODE until they clean your Coach/bathroom/Dustbin.


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This service empowers the citizen to get an important service on board and is in line with the objectives of the Digital India Programme launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. Besides, by ensuring cleaning of coaches same is also contributing to Mission Swachh Bharat, also launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.





RailChat – support Clean My Coach Activity.

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