Although the first trip of Tejas Express, high-speed train from Mumbai to Goa, started amid much fanfare, the train came back with fewer headphones, damaged infotainment screens and waste strewn all over.The train was flagged off from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus on Monday and returned from Goa on Tuesday.


Although the railway officials had anticipated such things, the extent of damage has left them shocked. They now plan to appeal to passengers to avoid damaging the train.

Capable of running at the speed of 200 kmph, the Tejas Express has several unique features such as automatic doors, 9-inch infotainment screens for each seat, tea-coffee vending machines, vacuum bio-toilets, touch-free water taps in toilet and secured gangway.

At least 12 of the high-quality headphones provided for the infotainment screens are missing, said railway sources. Some screens were found scratched.

A passenger, who travelled on the train the second day, said the train was not properly cleaned. “Toilets too were unclean. Attendants were ignorant. The food was not as good as during the inaugural run,” he said.


A journey from Mumbai to Karmali AC chair-car seat on the train costs Rs1,190, while executive chair-car seat costs Rs 2,590

A journey from Mumbai to Ratnagiri on AC chair car seat costs Rs835, while executive seat costs Rs1,785.

The train will run on the Mumbai-Goa route five days of the week— Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday— during the non-monsoon period. The train will leave from Mumbai at 5am and reach Goa at 1.30pm. The train will start from Goa at 2.30pm and reach Mumbai at 11pm.

During the monsoon — between June 10 and October 31 — it will be operated thrice in a week— Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

 via : hindustantimes.com
Passengers steal headphones, damage screens inTejas Express 1st trip Mumbai to Goa

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  1. Cctv should be fixed and the theft, activities of cleaning staff etc can be monitored and the culprits can be identified and their photos can be given to media and I think it will stop automatically.

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