Thank you for your request.

Carry Parcel Request – We will notify you whenever we found a matching request who is willing to send an item as per your traveling route.

Quick Parcel Request – we will notify you whenever we find a person who is traveling on your request route and show interest in carrying your item

Once we found the matching request, we will be sharing contact details of the concerned person and then you can  talk to them to help each other in mutual benefit way.


OMitra Team

Thanks – Next step on Rail Peer Parcel Request

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One thought on “Thanks – Next step on Rail Peer Parcel Request

  1. Hi Omitra,
    I would like to send a parcel to Kamareddi from CST on 17th Aug 2017 through Devgiri Exp Departing from CST at 9.00pm.
    Do you thing u can help ?!?!


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