things that happen if you travel in the train

Things that happens while we are travelling in train in India

Indian Railways is second largest transportation system after road transportation. It transports more than 25 million people, which is more than Australia’s population.

Even though it is not as luxurious as China, Japan and America’s. It is still favorite mode of transportation.


As we travel in train in India, lot of funny, crazy, interesting and memorable things happen to us and around us.

Here are few interesting things that happen in our train journey.

  1. Coming late to Railway station

    Images showing trains scene from DDLJ
    DDLJ Train scene

It has almost become our habit to come late to railway station. After which we become Shahrukh Khan, practicing DDLJ scene at station. Where most of the time either we miss or end up boarding in another bogie.

  1. Requesting Co passengers to exchange seat


Person requesting co passenger for seat exchange
Requesting for Seat exchange

We become extremely humble when we it comes to request co passenger to exchange our seat to window seat or to sit near our friend, who didn’t get seat beside you. Unfortunately, only few of them get succeeded in those plays and rest scolding them inside.

  1. long walk End to End
person walking in side train finding better place
moving inside train

Once after we got in the train we will take a long end to end walk wishing multiple benefits like searching for better places, some beautiful girls, Window seats and upper berths.

  1. Shifting to Friend’s compartment
a person walking to change his compartment to other
Changing compartment

After a long walk if we know some of our friend is in train, (Find who is travelling with you, OMitar App) we will call him to reserves us a place. Then, we will shift from our comfortable location. Upon reaching there we find our’s was better than his. But what it makes you comfortable is your friend not place.

  1. Let luggage find peace
Image showing luggage is being placed on luggage portion in train
Finding a place for luggage

We are very planned and secured. We forecast our needs in the journey. We pack what all we need in train, starting from toothbrush, toothpaste in the morning to that tough and lengthy blanket. Which eventually makes our journey as a tour? More than us, we need place for our luggage because it cannot change position like us right??

  1. Security check
person checking his luggage security
Hawk eye on luggage

Whenever we traveling with some valuable things in our luggage we tend to be more secured and we always keep an eye on our luggage. We will have a nap and whenever we wake up we look at our luggage whether it is there are not. Many of times we give clear view to thieves that we have something valuable in our luggage.

  1. Feel Fresh and enjoy the window world
Image showing people standing at the door in tran
Standing at the door

How comfortable it may be still sitting at emergency window and standing at door is another kind of joy. Feeling fresh air and watching all cattle and hills running fast. It makes us feel the joy of journey.

  1. Fighting for seat
fighting in train for a train seat
Fight in train

This is one of few things which only happen in India, as soon as train arrives on the platform we jump into it before it actually stops finding best places for us and our group. We place a single towel or bag to reserve full seat for us.

The actual fight will begin when someone comes up and takes our seat saying that no one is there. Sometimes things like this would go beyond just argument, sometimes we even don’t care to fight. But this is not with woman, we respect them.

  1. Status update on Face book
updating travelling status on facebook
Status update on Facebook

Face book has become more than companion and our travel diary now a days. Whenever we are traveling we will update our status on FB and we tag our friends sometimes. Saying “Vikas Jagetiya is traveling to Bhilwara”.

    10.Talking to co passengers

A lady talking to co passenger in train
talking to co passengers

We, the Indian people love to talk and share things with people. May be not just after we sit in seat. But at least a half an hour after? May be. We will start communicating with them may be to love their cute baby or to reserve their seat to occupy once they get down or to give them something they need.

people talking to co passengers and their children
talking to co passenger

Once started, we will share many things wholeheartedly. Sometimes these things will help us building good relationship off the train and sometimes in business. Even if these all won’t happen at least we will share few things which make our journey good if not too memorable.

  1. Garam Garam ( Hot Hot and Spicy Spicy)
person selling samosa in train
Food Sellers in train

We see some best marketers, best sales boys and talkative people, selling tea, samosa in train. They call it as train- commerce. Other than selling their items, they even give us information about train, station and few more free advice.

person selling tea in train
Tea sellers in train

Sometimes we get astonished by the way they get down and board running train and moving so comfortably despite of packed passengers in coaches. They give us a message, in fact a very big message, “Bas chatle Rahna (Keep moving and move on)”

Even though there are few things which we can’ t bare but things like these make our journey more memorable and joyful.

Do you have memorable experience in train? mail us at, let the world know your un told story.



Things that happen while travelling in train in India.

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