Journey reminder


Don’t forget to bring following items with you.

  1. Train Ticket
  2. Original Id Proof
  3. Water Bottle – avoid buying 20rs water, at least once
  4. Food (If you carry) – or order in advance as in train mobile battery/network may be down.
  5. Fully Charge Mobile/ Charger/Power Bank
  6. If SL class – Pillow/Chaddar
  7. Paper Soap
  8. Keep some packaged food options, as the last alternate
  9. Napkin
  10. Locks for bags/luggage
  11. Chain locker
  12. Make sure you packed all required cloths/documents for trip
  13. Torch ( Mr. Premal )
  14. Laptop charger, if carry laptop
  15. Medicine, sensitive to any kind of allergy,  must carry its medicine ( suggested by Mr. Maneesh Raj )
  16. Headphone /Ear phone for Mobile/laptop ( suggested by Mr. BL Naidu)

Travelling with Kids

  1. Milk
  2. Bread and Butter
  3. Some games to engage them ( Luddo/Snake and Ladders)
  4. Drawing Sheets/ Pencil /Color to engage kids
  5. Diapers ( if the kid is less than 2 yr old )
  6. Extra dress handy in bag
  7. Hygienic food / Juices
  8. New Mobile Games downloads to play during trip
  9. Paper Napkins
  10. Wipes

Elder (couple ) Travelling alone

  • Recharge mobile battery fully
  • Take one co-passenger of same boggy  mobile no, name for any emergency contact and share your details with them.
    • Also, if they have OMitra then you can interact without exchanging Mobile no.

Female Only

  • Remember 182 – Railway Police Helpline no, 182,  very prompt response
  • Take one co-passenger of same boggy  mobile no, name – for any emergency contact and share family member  details with them.


You don’t need any suggestion as you will do all train juggad:)

If you think we missed any item in reminder list please suggest so we can add them also and help your fellow travellers.

OMitra team wish you a very Happy and Safe Journey.
Best Regards,
Team OMitra



Train Journey Reminder List

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35 thoughts on “Train Journey Reminder List

  1. Beautiful app to help all passengers in all aspects of the journey specially for the senior citizens.The should be recommended to all.Thanks to O Mitra

    1. Thanks for you feedback. Will consider your request.
      Departure time of train is always available in OMitra App with your PNR number.

      OMitra Team

  2. Instead of showing traveling in Percentage, it is better to show figure that, for example, 221/632 (travelled kms/total kms).

  3. Try to intoduce train arr/dpr history at a particular station chosen by Omitra user. This isba gr8 and has a potential to upscale.

  4. I have been using OMitra train app recently and i like the interface and the app isvreasonably good. However there is scope for improving live chat feature. Also a lesser known useful feature is the Remote Quota vacancy available in long haul trains where lot of vacancies at the tail-end of trip gets wasted.For eg if a traveller on Nzm-Tvc train booked upto SRR detrains at SRR the vacancy from SRR to TVC is not captured and put to use.If that particular traveller himself posts it on OMitra it can b useful for frequent trippers like me.

  5. Awesome app railway will take immiadate action and food was also good and dilivered on time at your seat i am fully setisfied with this app.

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