And Yes it was that point of time again when I have to travel.. My mood was not very good thinking about it.. It’s not that I hate traveling but a long train journey all alone to Bombay is really killing.. I thought Okay I will carry Novel, will listen to Music and do all sorts of activities which are possible to turn my “all-alone” boring journey at least in an “able-to-survive” one. But nothing out of all thought options worked out last time I traveled. Thinking that made me more upset.. A day before my Journey, I got a notification from OMitra. (An app I just installed on someone’s suggestion, not paying much attention that time).. I came to know one of my Prankster friend whom I have not met since ages was also in town and as a bonus was particularly traveling with the same train as I was..Suddenly this filled me with Joy and

Excitement and I called him up.. Gosh! It was 7 years since we both have met.. On hearing from me, he also got very excited and all pumped up for tomorrow’s journey.. Later when we both met at the station, the feeling was amazing and out of the world as finally I was able to meet someone I really loved and missed, also I will be soon able to spend nearly a day with him.. I was so thrilled and even he was..

Our Journey began with Fun, excitement and that amazing old times feeling.. We both chit- chatted, laughed, enjoyed and did all sorts of activities we could.. Together.. Being amazed and even thankful to our new buddy app O-Mitra, we both started exploring the App further.. What an amazing app it was.. Apart from letting us know if any of our

Friend/Colleague/Acquaintance is traveling with the same train or nor, it also provided us great insights about upcoming stations, what are they famous for, their specialty food and a lot more. So we thought to give it a try and booked a famous sweet dish of upcoming station Mathura.. The help-executive delivered us the sweet at the station and believe me it was literally mouth-watering and truly special. I and my friend also booked cab with the help of OMitra as we were traveling to the same location, which further gave us time to spend and also made things easy.

A journey which was supposed to be “lonely and boring” turned out to be “memorable sky-line shots” and all thanks to OMitra for this.. An awesome app which helped me to find out and meet my friend, kept me updated about train Delay and arrival time and also provided me with some useful information about each and every upcoming stations which made us not to miss-out their specialties.

Thanks OMitra.. You have become our Best-buddy for traveling..!

To all those who have yet not explored this great app.. Go get it now if you don’t want to miss out great opportunities of meeting your friends and turning your journey into a sky-rocketing full of fun and thrill.

Traveling Alone and Getting a Company in the Train

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