You are missing a lot of cool features in app. You are not utilizing the App to it’s fullest potential and it just becomes simple train enquire app and not the smart app which takes your travel experience to next level.

Read Why OMitra is not another Train App

What you are missing

  • Wake-up Alarm – Wakeup Alarm by SMS will never work without your mobile no. it works without internet, GPS and considers train delay. Do you want to miss this features? If your train delayed by 2 hrs, your alarm will be automatically delayed by 2 hrs. Alarm is automatically set accordingly to your destination station in PNR.
  • Can’t send Message other – You can’t send a message to other coyatri, or on noticeboards – Strangers ( OMitra Guest named users) can’t send messages. No one likes to chat with Stranger
  • Can’t discover friends – Without knowing your identity, we can’t help in finding your friends, common friends travelling in the same train.
  • How many of your friends using OMitra – You can’t check on OMitra My Noticeboard section.
  • any many more cool features

Update your profile by “Personal info” option in left bar menu of OMitra app and experience the whole new app.



  • Incomplete complaints on Twitters, railway authority, your name and  mobile nos will be missing and it will be 999-999-9999 , they can’t reach you to resolve the complaints
  • Simplify Food Order – Any time you place the order, no need to fill any details.



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Update your profile details – Missing a lot

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