Hello OMitran’s ,

We have brought in a few changes to our “ Wake up Alarm“ feature to make it more User-Friendly , follow this couple of steps to Enable or Disable the Alarm Feature as per your Comfort .

Step 1: Choose the Menu option on the Top Left Corner of the App and Select  “Settings“

Step 2 : Enable or Disable the Wake up Alarm as per your Requirement

Step 3: Choose the Duration of Alarm based on your sleeping patterns


If you see Wake Up alarm in  the Enable state, please once Disable and Enable it again, otherwise, it may not work.

Example :

OMitra Wake Up Alarm is triggered 30 Km before your destination station , if you train is delayed by 2 hours, your alarm will be also delayed by 2 hours automatically,  So you can sleep without any worry of Missing your train or station .

Alarm is set as PNR is added, anytime you want to disable it, please disable it from Setting as above mentioned.


User friendly upgraded OMitra Wake up alarm feature

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