Whenever I travel by train, I am forced to recall one of the most disturbing events which I witnessed when I was a kid. I was traveling with my family and must be around 7 years old. In the same compartment there was a grandmother traveling with her Son. Everything was fine till midnight. Suddenly the grandmother was not able to breathe and got constant coughing. It was disturbing for everyone present there as eventually everyone got concerned. No



was made available; nobody had any idea where to find the doctor at this point of time and that too in a train. All I remember was that her son took her and left on the upcoming station to get some medical help.

Now as the technology is changing and going through a rapid transformation phase, I usually keep on wondering if some innovations do take place in this regards also.

Recently while traveling to Bombay, a similar incident took place and this time the victim was a small 10 year old boy. He got sever cold and fever during the journey. Since it was a long journey so one could get down before hand on any station for medical aid. I was really scared as it was just a repetition of what I witnessed years back.

But you know what, this time things were different! A young man came forward and informed the concerned mother that there is a doctor traveling in the same train and he has called him to check her kid. Soon the doctor arrived and provided medical aid to the boy, thus getting control of the situation.

Later I asked that man how did he come to know that there was a doctor traveling by the same train? So he explained me that it was made possible with the help of an amazing app called as OMitra.

Being curious, I asked more about it so he explained.. This app lets you know if any of our friend/acquaintance/colleague or any other person with a known designation is traveling by the same train as you are. So in our case the doctor also had this app installed in his phone which helped me to get a catch of him easily.

I was amazed knowing about this awesome app. On continuing he told me that this app also keeps you updated about the delay or arrival time of your train and as a bonus provides you with the startling facts about the upcoming stations on your journey.

The next thing I did instantly after listening about OMitra was its installation in my phone.

Well I must say today for me the rapid transformation phase of technology has solved one major issue which always used to concern me.

Thank You OMitra for being a life-saver and one true all time buddy.

Whenever I travel by train

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