Ever wonder why Indian Railways don’t add extra coach according passenger flow?

Read on for the reasons

1. Upper limit of 24 coaches.

2. Coaching depot has 10% spare coaches, for repairing of sick coaches. Those are for replacement of sick ones for maintaining the rake composition of any particular train.

It would not be wise to add extra coaches to all trains which has waiting, will endanger other trains.
3. usually rush is one sided. In returning trip it may not be needed thus economically not wise to add extra coaches.

4. Only 3rd AC coaches are profitable/ non loss making, adding extra sleeper coaches will only add to loss.



5. Generally, Extra coaches are attached on a periodic basis and not for single days. And this depends more or less on the trends of booking and waiting list obtained from Advance Reservation data. These days, Railways also takes the pain to announce it before hand and sometimes before a week.


What’s so ever may be the rules have been, Railways should increase more number of coaches according to the passengers to ensure safer and comfortable journey of thousands of passengers.

Railways should change the rule and shall permit the stations to add coaches dynamically as per needs.

Why can’t Indian Railways add two more coaches according to crowd?

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2 thoughts on “Why can’t Indian Railways add two more coaches according to crowd?

  1. Extra coaches must be added as the people will have interest to try for railway travel first some times may incurred loss but in long run certainly will add profits.If sleeper class Is not profitable must adopt profit oriented coaches first.
    Also must increase spare % of coaches so that can adopt the system easily.

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