Few weeks back I was trying to book a ticket from Hyderabad to Delhi but I couldn’t get a confirmed ticket, I was booking ticket 1 month before my travelling date even then I was getting WL in all trains to Delhi. I wondered is every in our country is so advanced planner that they are booking 1-month advance tickets.
Then I thought, it can’t be possible, then started digging more on how seats are reserved in Indian Railway System when I looked details I was SHOCKED with finding.

  • 105 out of 1242  berths reserved under EQ quota, only for higher official / VIPs in each train.
  • i.e. daily at least 1 lakh seats are only reserved for Higher Official, VIP or railways employees, assuming 1000, trains running daily?
  • only 55% seats are available for general public to book tickets 4-month advance
  • ~ 30% seats are booked in TATKAL only, 2 days advance.

So if you haven’t still booked the tickets for this festive season, you have 30% seats for grab, see if you can still book them?

Never think of 10% seats as they are reserved for Higher Official/VIP in the train.

I have considered train 12723 for this calculation, EQ quota information are received using RTI application to railways

Why mostly folks get WL tickets?

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