How many time you awake 2-3 hrs in midnight or early morning in the train?
How many time you missed the stations or scared of missing station in midnight or early morning?
This incident of similar such instance and how you can sleep peaceful in a train journey.
It was during cool winter days I started to Nagpur from Warangal at 1:30AM. I got side lower berth right next to the window, and I was very sleepy that night so I immediately fell asleep. I kept my alarm at 8 AM as I would reach Nagpur at 9. I got up at 8:15 because of my alarm, but fell asleep again setting alarm at 9:30 as the train was late by 1 hour. At the time I got up I was at Amla which was two stations away from Nagpur. So I missed my station Nagpur  and 130 KM away.  .Then I had to book a cab back which took several hours for me to reach Nagpur.
This was my one of experience and make my sleep or life miserable whenever my station are in midnight orearly morning.
Then I used to awake 2-3 hrs before my destination station as <strong>pain and cost of coming back</strong> from station is higher then awaking 3 hrs in midnight.
Recently I got to know about OMitra through campus ambassador program of OMitra. I downloaded the app it regularly sent me notifications of journey. This time also I was very scared, but little less as I knew as where my train running with open the phone)  if I would miss my train again so I called my mom and asked her to call me 30 min before my station comes, but felt scared as I would reach very late at night that my mom wouldn’t be able to call me at that time. WAKE-UP ALARM  of OMitra saved me to de-board at correct station :). I got up at 2:30AM half an hour late from my station because of alarm. I got very upset as I screwed up this journey also, but felt very happy when I heard railway announcement that Dakshin train has come to Khazipet Station. Then I got to know that the train was late by 40 min which Wake-up Alarm has updated and gave the notification 30 min before the station comes. Finally my journey was successful and thanks to OMitra for this feature of Wake-up Alarm by which I was able to attend a function in my place at correct time. 😀 🙂
Ye,s there was no need to  set that ALARM, it just worked, probably alarm set when added PNR in OMitra app.

Now no more multiple alarm, keep checking train status, just sleep and OMitra Wakeup alarm will ring for you.

Experience of – Reshma Devarala

Worried about missing station in midnight of a train trip ??

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